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Featured Author – Amy Whalen Deger 

Hello all! My name is Amy Whalen Deger and I am working to become a self-published author. As part of the All Author Blog Blitz that Abha and I are both participating in I am going to be guest posting today. In this post I want to touch on two topics. The first is using Kickstarter to fund a writing project and the second is my first book, Escaping Tiger Island.

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website that helps entrepreneurs, inventors, and creative types fund their projects. Each project has a funding goal and rewards to give to the funders for their donation. In order to receive the funds donated your project must hit 100% of its funding goal. It can go above, but even one dollar below and the project funds are not collected. 

The project I posted was to raise funds to have a cover design created for my book and to have it edited. My goal was $350 and (thankfully!) I was able to reach it. I wanted the rewards I offered to be connected to the book so I offered e-book versions, signed paperbacks, and even a chance to have a character in the book named after a person of the donaters choosing. Using Kickstarter gave me a chance to get the word out about my book and give my friends, family, and strangers a chance to get an advanced copy. The projects available through the website are far ranging so I suggest you go check it out! If you want to read more about using Kickstarter and see the book cover I had designed you can check it out on my blog

I also want to tell you all about my forthcoming debut novel called, Escaping Tiger Island. I began writing it a little over six months ago and I am now finishing up the editing process with plans to self-publish in mid-July. 

The story is about sixteen year old Claire who gets pulled into a magical world while trying to protect her brother Noah. Noah, at only eleven, doesn’t realize the danger that they are in and sees the enchanted island they have landed on as a place of adventure and excitement. Fairies, which are indigenous to the island, use the boys to fight off intruders and protect the island ecosystem, thereby ensuring their own survival. When Claire realizes that her brother is starting to forget the home they came from she takes action and makes unlikely alliances to save them both. 

I want to thank Abha for having me on her blog, and I hope you all look for Escaping Tiger Island on Amazon next month!


Book Review: Savannah’s Story – Jodi Stone

This is a story about Savannah, the youngest of three sisters. All she wants to do is play with her sisters and her dollhouse. She also does not want to get bored but no one wants to play with her. She makes a wish that comes true!

What child doesn’t want to live in her own imagination and doesn’t hope that her dolls come to life? This is just such a book that sparks the imagination. This is a great book for the younger readers as well as a great book to read to your children. The illustrations add to the story and help the reader to follow along.

The story itself rhymes and would be fun to read out loud. I actually think this would encourage a first time reader to read out the words just to see (rather hear) how they flow. I would say that since this is a book with dolls, dollhouses and a lot of pink it might appeal more to girls. I however am a firm believer that liking pink or dolls is not just for girls but not everyone feels the same way. This book gets four and a half out of five stars from me.

Author Interview – Roberta Capizzi

Today I want to share with you my interview with Roberta Capizzi, the author of “The Melody in our Heart”.

1) Tell us about yourself- where are you from? What do you like to write?
Well, I was born and still live in Italy, although I’ve wanted to move out for a while. I did live for a few months in Ireland, in 2003 but then I’ve had to come home for some family problems and I haven’t been able to leave since, although I’m still planning on moving out of the country some time in the near future. I like writing romance. I tried to write a chick-lit novella and it was fun, but I prefer romance – happy ending and all.

2) What prompted you to start writing?
Well, I’ve always been an avid reader and I’ve always loved losing myself in other people’s lives and worlds. When I saw that reality wasn’t just as fun, I decided to write my own. And also because I wanted to write stories that I wanted to read and nobody had written so far.

3) What types of books do you like to read? Who are your favorite authors?
I like reading romance (it comes as a surprise, doesn’t it?), but I also like chick-lit. I’ve recently discovered a few fantasy authors I like, although fantasy and paranormal are not really my favorite genre and I’ll only be reading stories with a romance in it anyway 🙂 My favorite authors are Rosamunde Pilcher, Maeve Binchy and Nicholas Sparks. I also like Sophie Kinsella and Ali McNamara in the chick-lit genre.

4) What inspires you to write?
Anything, really. I love daydreaming. I’m probably THE biggest daydreamer in the world. I hear line in a song, I see an ad on TV or a person in a mall and I start fantasizing in my mind, creating a story. I also get inspiration from my dreams – I dream a lot and when I do remember them in the morning, I write down some notes if the dream was interesting enough to become a novel.

5) What made you self-publish? Would you recommend that to other aspiring authors?
Well, I obviously tried the traditional route first, but I got quite frustrated when I got rejections – I think every writer knows the feeling and how much it hurt. I was on the verge of giving up, because I thought my writing wasn’t good enough and I wasn’t meant to be a writer; but then I discovered the indie world, thanks to a self-published novel I read and loved and when I understood that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get a contract but had a story to tell, and that it was actually easy enough to do it, I jumped at the chance and decided to self-publish.

6) What did you find to be the most difficult part of the writing process? Easiest?
Well, the most difficult part for me is letting go of my characters and story, I really find it hard to write “The End”. If I had to listen to what I call “the writing bug” inside my head, my novels would probably be a million words long. Editing and cutting are also hard tasks.
The easiest part? Well, writing down all the stories in my mind! That’s extremely easy for me, and fun of course.

7) Tell us about your book. Where can our readers find it?
My debut novel is a contemporary romance, but the main theme (apart from the love story, of course) is the importance of friendship. In the story, Valerie and Ryan have been best friends since their adolescence in Ireland, but after they move to Boston to go to college, things gradually change all around them, only their friendship remains unchanged and gets them through the tough times. When Ryan turns into an international Jazz star, Valerie fears their friendship will fade because of his success and of her long shifts as a surgeon, but no matter how hectic their lives become, their friendship keeps growing stronger. Until Ryan has a bad car accident and is brought into the ER, and Valerie fears she will lose him
forever. I won’t tell you how it ends though 🙂
It is currently available on Amazon, as paperback and ebook, as well as on Createspace.

8) Who is your favorite character in your book? Why?
Ooh, tough question. I can’t really pick a favorite character, because they’re all my babies! It’s like asking a mother who’s her favorite child. Each character has something special, and they’re all dear to me in their own special way. Obviously I always end up falling in love with the male characters I create, but I guess that’s normal, isn’t it? Or maybe not…

9) How can the readers contact you?
I do. I have a blog where I promote my writing, but I also try to help other indie authors:

You can also find me on Facebook:
On Twitter: @Sligoroo

And on Goodreads: Roberta Capizzi
Please do stop by and get in touch with me! I love to connect with other readers and authors!

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Book Review: The Boots My Mother Gave Me – Brooklyn James

It has been a while since a book in this genre kept me wanting to read and not put the book down. The main character Harley is endearing as a child, she wants to be strong. She wants her father’s love and she is completely happy to forgive every abusive action of his. Her growth from a frightened child as she realizes her father’s limitations to a strong young teen is wonderful.

Harley has just one refuge, Jeremiah. Her friend since childhood and her first for a lot of things. Both characters grow with the book and the way they experience life and each other changes with time. James does a great job of telling this story. I love the fact that Harley is a strong woman that wants to make it on her own, away from the life that she once knew.

There are a few parts in the middle that seem to be stretched and the instances where she flashes back to a childhood memory is distracting. That is the only reason why this book doesn’t have the highest rating in my book.

Overall this is a great read, a tear jerker at times and has romance that melts your heart!



Everyone probably has a long list of resolutions for this new year. Losing weight or even making those million dollars this year. My resolution is simpler than that and yet it is something that can not be achieved by me alone.

My resolution is to leave behind a world that the children will be safe in. I want the girls to dress however they want and not worry about their safety should they choose to wear something a little too short. I want every mother to be able to let her child play in the front yard even past sunset should she so chose. I want parents to be able to bring a toy home without the fear that the toys will cause lead poisoning. I want parents to be able to send their children to school without worrying about their safety.

I want all children to be taught how to take care of themselves; to be able to cook, clean and do their own laundry not just the girls. I want children to be oblivious of the color of their skins or their friends’ for that matter. I want toys that are not deemed gender specific after all why can’t boys play with kitchen sets and utensils and girls be able to play with trucks and fast cars? I want healthy food to be available to all the children not just the cheap fast food that everyone seems to have access to! I want children to be able to play and run around as much as they choose, alone or with their parents.

Last and definitely the least, I want to be able to see blue as a girl color as well as a boy color. Why the heck is it so difficult to get things for boys in any color other than blue? Why do girls only have to dress in pink? Who decided that girls had to live in a pink nightmare and boys can only drive blue trucks? Why don’t we get rid of all our stereotypes or else lets start a new tradition, the next time someone cuts you off don’t think that it must be an asian driver or a woman think he is driving like a man!