Book Review – Leandra’s Enchanted Flute by Katy Huth Jones

Sometimes the magic lies within.

This is a fantasy tale filled with talking birds an enchanted flute and a world that is dying. The main character Lee Ann (Leandra) has just survived chemo and her cancer is in remission when she gets called into this world. This is an easy story to follow for the young readers. What I like about the book is how it compares cancer to things tweens or teenagersĀ could relate to. The story itself is absorbing and the characters are interesting. I like that Lee Ann although physically weak is portrayed as a strong character capable of defendingĀ a world.

I would give this book four stars and caution the readers of the content. I think it is appropriate for tweens/ teenagers and particularly if someone is dealing with cancer on any level. Another subtle message of the book is how our world is connected. There is evil in many forms but if we are strong then we have a way of fighting it. The author is a cancer survivor and the reader can definitely see some of what she went through in her own personal journey.

The story did leave me with an incomplete feeling. Even if a book is part of a series I like to see some closure. This book does have an ending but perhaps its not the ending I was looking for! I sure hope Katy continues Leandra’s journey so that eventually I get my ending!



Everyone probably has a long list of resolutions for this new year. Losing weight or even making those million dollars this year. My resolution is simpler than that and yet it is something that can not be achieved by me alone.

My resolution is to leave behind a world that the children will be safe in. I want the girls to dress however they want and not worry about their safety should they choose to wear something a little too short. I want every mother to be able to let her child play in the front yard even past sunset should she so chose. I want parents to be able to bring a toy home without the fear that the toys will cause lead poisoning. I want parents to be able to send their children to school without worrying about their safety.

I want all children to be taught how to take care of themselves; to be able to cook, clean and do their own laundry not just the girls. I want children to be oblivious of the color of their skins or their friends’ for that matter. I want toys that are not deemed gender specific after all why can’t boys play with kitchen sets and utensils and girls be able to play with trucks and fast cars? I want healthy food to be available to all the children not just the cheap fast food that everyone seems to have access to! I want children to be able to play and run around as much as they choose, alone or with their parents.

Last and definitely the least, I want to be able to see blue as a girl color as well as a boy color. Why the heck is it so difficult to get things for boys in any color other than blue? Why do girls only have to dress in pink? Who decided that girls had to live in a pink nightmare and boys can only drive blue trucks? Why don’t we get rid of all our stereotypes or else lets start a new tradition, the next time someone cuts you off don’t think that it must be an asian driver or a woman think he is driving like a man!