Book Review – Twinned Universes by Sandra Ulbrich Almazan

Twinned Universes is about Paul Lyon Harrison who finds that he is a part of two universes. This is a fast paced book with a very interesting premise. I must say it has been a while since a book kept me turning the pages or rather scrolling along till the very end! For all the sci-fi fans out there, this book has it all: Other worlds, clones, space travel and crazy quantum quirks!

This is a great book for the young adult readers as well. Paul is a teenager that suffers a family tragedy and finds a way not just survive but thrive. Sandra Ulbrich Almazan’s narration gave me the right amount of background information along with moving the story forward that it kept me wanting more. Although this is part of a series having not read the first book in the series did not cause any difficulty in following the story. This is a must read for me and gets four and a half stars from me.


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