Book Review – Sink or Swim by Stacy Juba

Cassidy is a strong, motivated woman with some dreams and ambitions. What I really like about Sink or Swim is that Cassidy isn’t a helpless female. She is strong and willing to fight for herself and for what she believes is right.

The back drop of the book is a reality game show or rather the book starts at the last episode of “Sink or Swim”. It quickly turns into a murder mystery with a few twists and turns. There is also some budding romance. Sink or swim is an easy read and I would give it my three and a half stars. 

The main reason why it didn’t score higher for me is that Cassidy’s character could have been portrayed better. The author focused on her indecision very well but didn’t develop the character as much as I would have liked. Some of the supporting characters could have been better portrayed as well. 


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