All Authors Blog Blitz

Featured Author – Amy Whalen Deger 

Hello all! My name is Amy Whalen Deger and I am working to become a self-published author. As part of the All Author Blog Blitz that Abha and I are both participating in I am going to be guest posting today. In this post I want to touch on two topics. The first is using Kickstarter to fund a writing project and the second is my first book, Escaping Tiger Island.

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website that helps entrepreneurs, inventors, and creative types fund their projects. Each project has a funding goal and rewards to give to the funders for their donation. In order to receive the funds donated your project must hit 100% of its funding goal. It can go above, but even one dollar below and the project funds are not collected. 

The project I posted was to raise funds to have a cover design created for my book and to have it edited. My goal was $350 and (thankfully!) I was able to reach it. I wanted the rewards I offered to be connected to the book so I offered e-book versions, signed paperbacks, and even a chance to have a character in the book named after a person of the donaters choosing. Using Kickstarter gave me a chance to get the word out about my book and give my friends, family, and strangers a chance to get an advanced copy. The projects available through the website are far ranging so I suggest you go check it out! If you want to read more about using Kickstarter and see the book cover I had designed you can check it out on my blog

I also want to tell you all about my forthcoming debut novel called, Escaping Tiger Island. I began writing it a little over six months ago and I am now finishing up the editing process with plans to self-publish in mid-July. 

The story is about sixteen year old Claire who gets pulled into a magical world while trying to protect her brother Noah. Noah, at only eleven, doesn’t realize the danger that they are in and sees the enchanted island they have landed on as a place of adventure and excitement. Fairies, which are indigenous to the island, use the boys to fight off intruders and protect the island ecosystem, thereby ensuring their own survival. When Claire realizes that her brother is starting to forget the home they came from she takes action and makes unlikely alliances to save them both. 

I want to thank Abha for having me on her blog, and I hope you all look for Escaping Tiger Island on Amazon next month!


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